Dr. Kay Sudekum Trotter – Kaleidoscope Counseling is a client focused Christ-centered organization striving to help families and people of all ages feel happier and whole in body, mind and spirit.

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Play Therapy is based upon the foundation that play is the child’s natural way of self-expression. Play Therapy gives the child an opportunity to ‘play out’ their feelings and problems, just as adults ‘talk out’ their difficulties.

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One of the unique aspects of Dr. Trotter’s approach to therapy is her strong emphasis on individually customized treatments, which allows each client to explore, understand, and work through problems on a one-to-one basis.

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Group Therapy can be an affordable way to get the help, guidance and support you want and Dr. Trotter offers a variety of options for children, teens and adults. Each group meets weekly for 1-2 hours and provides ways to come together with others to share problems or concerns and to learn from and with each other.

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Animal assisted therapy uses trained animals to enhance an individual’s physical, emotional and social well-being, which improves self-esteem, reduces anxiety and facilitates healing. It can also greatly improve hyperactivity and impulsivity in children and adolescents.

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Working with Dr. Trotter increased my self-awareness on every level.  I realized how trauma suffered in childhood had impacted every aspect of my adult life; from the interactions I had with others, to my personal choices, to my ability to parent successfully.–Renee

Dr. Trotter helped me learn how to recognize the difference between external pressures and internal pressures as they relate to expectations in school, with family, and among peers.  I learned how to look for activities that nurture and 'feed my soul', and to recognize things/people that deplete and drain my energy.–Sara

Through our parent/child play therapy sessions, I learned how to truly listen and hear my daughter without projecting my thoughts, fears or judgements onto her.  By reflecting back to her what she shared with me, she felt valued and respected.  And, of course, when kids feel valued and respected, they return that respect in their behavior and life choices.–Renee