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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

All couples have conflicts or disagreements. But the difference between a happily married (aka committed) couple and an unhappy union most frequently involves the ability to discuss and resolve differences in a positive manner that respects the interests and needs of each individual.


The goal of Couples Counseling is to provide couples with the wisdom and know-how for building a relationship of profound connection, one that greatly increases intimacy while honoring and supporting individuality. Couples learn powerful skills for creating loving, deeply satisfying, and enduring partnerships that will continue to serve as a firm foundation for an on-going relationship.
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Common unhealthy, damaging relationship communications usually include such interactions as:
  • Hostility, or verbal or physical attacks on the other person.
  • Put-downs, name-calling or other contempt for the partner.
  • Dragging old information or experiences into a current argument.
  • Defensive responses.
  • Withdrawal from a disagreement.
  • Escalating negativity in the relationship.


Through counseling, couples can…
  • Improve communication patterns.
  • Develop empathetic, active listening skills.
  • Improve problem-solving skills.
  • Resolve conflicts in ways that meet the needs of both partners.
  • Explore ways for old wounds to be healed (from this or previous relationships).
  • If possible, find ways to stay together in a positive and mutually satisfying relationship.
  • If not possible to stay together, then to separate in a healthy and respectful way.