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Speakers Bureau


We offer speakers who can equip you and your people with the insight and strategies needed in raising independent, happy, healthy children.

As we hustle and bustle towards a better life, the concept of “it takes a village to raise a child” holds just as true for today than it did in the past. Because, despite the resources available within our community, we hear more often than not how hard people are struggling to meet the demands of daily living and the challenges of raising independent, happy, healthy children. Sometimes one of the biggest stressors is knowing there is a problem, but not knowing what that problem actually is.

Make knowledge your ally! Whether the discord lies within your marriage, your family unit, your child or yourself, the professional counselors at Dr. Kay Sudekum Trotter – Kaleidoscope Counseling in Flower Mound, Texas can help to build your village.

As a practice, we value supporting our community and make that a reality by offering to share our knowledge in a large group forum.

two talking headsIf you are sensing a need for support within your own micro-community of work, church or social group, we encourage you to contact us to find out how we can facilitate an information session to address your specific or general concerns. Clarity is not needed in order to reach out for help, as the beauty in our unique team of professionals is helping you to find clarity, beginning with that initial call to our office. From there, we can guide you towards the right combination of counselor, venue and format to bring support and open the doors to another perspective, set of tools or simply, awareness. An initial, complimentary office consult provides a deeper understanding of how we can support the concepts of strength in numbers, knowledge as power and help being only a phone call away.

We also have a blog and a Facebook page which offer information, insight and strategies from both a professional and personal perspective.

Some of the ways we have been connected with Flower Mound residents include:

  • Addressing issues on the local CBS affiliate WFAA-TV
  • Being guest speakers at professional development workshops for the Lewisville and Denton ISD
  • Presenting on a variety of topics at LISD “Parent University”
  • Speaker at the Flower Mound “Community Conservation on Drugs”
  • Working with local church groups to bring information to their congregation

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Call our office today at (214) 499-0396 to learn more about the specific skills, talents and personalities of our individual counselors. Then you can take the first step in bringing a part of the “village” that already exists back into the awareness of those around you.