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Support Group

Support Group


Teen Girls Group is designed to help girls become all they are meant to be,to believe in themselves, to feel good about the unique person she is, to help them discover their own special gifts. This group’s goals are to increase the participant’s ability to make safe and healthy choices, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, and increase appropriate interpersonal interaction.

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This group is designed for women of all ages who are interested in pursuing personal growth in a variety of areas. Support groups are a powerful venue for growth and change. Not only do women receive tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement from others facing similar issues, but they also gain different perspectives, ideas and viewpoints.

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Self-harming is a topic that can be very uncomfortable for parents and children to address, but necessary for the emotional and physical health of our children. That’s why we created S.H.E.L.L a Self-Harm Group. This group is designed to help those who have had past issues of self-harming or who are currently engaging in self-harming behaviors.