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Thanksgiving Dinner Scraps for Your Dogs? Please Think Again

I know you love your dogs and want to share with them Holiday treats, but please be careful what you feed your best friend. Many of our “treats” are dangerous to them and there is nothing more devastating than to lose your pet especially if it could have been avoided.

I for one will never forget the cold winter night when that our beloved collie, Buck, died due to a “turned stomach” that was caused from giving him rich Thanksgiving dinner leftovers…and at the time we thought we were giving him a treat. Don’t make the same mistake I did and loose a beloved family member.

OKay so let’s talk turkey. Good news for Fido! ASPCA experts say a little bite of plain turkey is usually safe for pets. If you decide to share, remember: only boneless, well-cooked turkey is OK. Giving your pet undercooked or bone-in turkey, fat or gristle, or cooked bones for chewing is not OK. Some foods are totally off-limits to our furry pals.

Ten of them are especially common around the holidays. Just say no to.

  1. Rich or spicy foods
  2. Sage
  3. Chocolate
  4. Candy with xylitol
  5. Bread dough
  6. Batter with raw eggs
  7. Onions and garlic
  8. Macadamia nuts
  9. Raisins and grapes
  10. Alcohol
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