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Jambo (Hello) from Africa!

Jambo(Hello) from Africa!

Below is a e-mail from my daughter Kelly and son-in law Josh Widener who are on a 16 day mission trip to Kenya Africa, with church in Houston Texas. I found her letter so moving that I wanted to share with you the power and grace of God’s working hands. Please keep the team in your prayers.

How is everyone?? We are doing good. We have today off because they are having a HUGE election for their constitution so we aren’t allowed to leave our hotel. We are actually glad about this because we needed a break. This past weekend we switched hotels because the food at the first place made everyone sick, and it was about an hour from town. The place we are at now is much better! It has a/c so we have been sleeping much better, the food is 10xs better, and it’s right in town. So we are much happier.

Josh has done 5 paintings and they have been quite an ordeal. None of his electrical tools work so he has to do them all by hand. So it takes triple as long. The paint he is using also contains lead so it makes him feel sick. A few days ago he painted in a very crowded market here in Kisumu, which was quite interesting. I did not get to go with him because it was too dangerous. But he did a great job and the pastor said that about 60 people came to Christ after his painting. He is very warn out though since it’s such an ordeal to put the canvas together.

You guys would just die over how unsanitary everything is. I just can’t believe it. It really is amazing that we haven’t gotten sick. There is only about 4 people of our group that haven’t gotten sick. They say that has never happened before.

We have one more day in Kisumu and we are going to visit the Christian kids that live in the dump. Yes, I said the dump, and it’s just what you think it is. They live and eat off the trash…Then on Friday we go to the Safari. We are really looking forward to that…All in all things have gone well. Yesterday I was trying to think of a word to describe our experiences and the best I could come up with was…Challenging. Everything is just difficult and takes twice as long as it should. The food is pretty sketchy and we pretty much have just been living off of two things and snack food. So, we are very ready to eat American food. Needless to say, we are ready to come home, but are glad we have had this experience.

How are you guys?? How are my boys?? We miss them!

Hope all is well! We have internet for the next few days so feel free to email us back!

Love you guys!

Josh & Kelly Widener

To find out more about Josh’s Altar Paint Ministries go to: www.altarpaint.com

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