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The Song in the Hearts of “Charismatic Adults”

A Tribute to Charismatic Adults in the Lives of Children

Narrative by Dr. David A. Crenshaw, PhD • Music by Micheal Castaldo

If you are a parent, teacher, grandparent, therapist, school counselor, child care worker, coach, minister, who has had a hard day then this video is dedicated to you!

 A “charismatic adult” is one from whom a child or adolescent gathers strength

Guest Blogger—Dr. David A. Crenshaw, is a highly credentialed and respected clinical psychologist who for more than 30 years has dedicated his career, Center, books, videotape, projective techniques, and leadership to helping defiant, oppositional, aggressive children.

Narrative by David A. Crenshaw, Ph.D., ABPP
Music by Micheal Castaldo

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