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Bloom where you’re planted

Guest Author – Jonna Rae Bartge is a creative catalyst, published author, intuitive and professional spiritual adviser.

Spring has finally snuggled up to the Western North Carolina mountains after one of the angriest winters the entire nation has endured in decades.

When the snows at last disappeared into the warming ground, we could all see the devastation heavy ice and strong winds brought to the trees and shrubs. In the swath of woods surrounding my little hilltop home, countless branches lay around the base of pines, oaks and sycamores. Other limbs were only partially ripped from the trees, and remained connected by strands of bare wood.

In the past few weeks, though, magic came to these battered and bruised forests. I was walking my black lab Bear along one little wooded path when I saw the first one — a dogwood branch lay on the ground, just barely still attached to the trunk of the tree. But from that partially severed limb burst a virtual bouquet of blooms, defying all logic. I looked around, and there was another downed branch, with a perilously fragile connection to the tree, resplendent in spectacular flowers. It was a humbling, inspiring discovery that seemed to immediately apply not only to the trees who refused to give up, but to all of us, too.

We’re all being challenged right now on many different dimensions. We’re all finding ourselves in situations and circumstances we did not consciously choose, and it’s easy to feel threatened, abandoned, or cut-off. But no matter how tough we’ve had it, or how severe the storm was that we just weathered, we still have a choice. We can give up, or we can latch on to that connection we still have to a higher state of consciousness, and we can bloom.

There’s an old proverb, “Bloom where you’re planted.” I challenge all of us to “Bloom when you’re broken.” Deciding to still bloom, no matter what the damage, is the first step to real healing.

Let the healing begin!

“Jonna Rae is co-author of Kenny’s Journals: The True Story of a Love-Driven Life, available on amazon.com. Her autobiography, Psychic or Psychotic? Memoirs of a Happy Medium is coming out this spring.

Jonna Rae Bartges  • Bartges Communication • http://www.bartges.com           ‘Happy Medium’ Jonna Rae • www.happymedium.us

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