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Teen Girls Group

Teen GEM Girls Group – Growing • Every • Moment

Teen Girls Group is designed to help high school girls become all they are meant to be,to believe in themselves, to feel good about the unique person she is, to help them discover their own special gifts. This group’s goals are to increase the participant’s ability to make safe and healthy choices, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, and increase appropriate interpersonal interaction.


    • An educational and experiential approach as well as opportunity for individuals to share their experiences.
    • Mindfulness (self-awareness), Guided Imagery & Visualization, Purposeful Breathing, Insight into Drawing & Journaling, and Self-Care Techniques all focus on improving social interaction, increasing self-esteem, increasing awareness of self & others, and improving mood.
    • Expressive art therapy and journaling are designed to aid in understanding and expression of feelings and development of self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence.
    • Feedback and sharing in an environment that is constructive and supportive.

          The social world for teenage girls has become a more stressful and challenging environment than ever before. The rise in peer pressure, competitive conflicts, and unhealthy social media messages are all likely contributors to national increase in anxiety, mood disorder and low self-esteem in girls. Teen GEM offers an educational and experiential approach to improving decision-making, developing coping resources and increasing self-esteem.

    The Teen G.E.M. Group will also focus on getting to know and accept oneself,developing understanding of others, being assertive, and overcoming a variety of difficult situations. Additionally, participants will learn how to combat peer pressure, gain mastery of effective coping strategies to address negative feelings, promote healthy body image, improve emotional regulation, and how to reduce and control depressive/anxious symptoms.


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          • Increase teenage girl’s ability to make safe and healthy choices.
          • Increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and the ability to know and accept oneself, be assertive, and overcome a variety of difficult situations.
          • Girls will lean how to develop skills to combat peer pressure.
          • Gain mastery of effective coping strategies to address negative feelings and to promote healthy body image.
          • Improve emotional regulation and reduce and control depressive symptoms and anxiety.
          • Address problems associated with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, peer issues, and other problems.