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Teen Pregnancy: A Preventable Epidemic


There are 700,000 teen pregnancies a year in the United States alone.

85 percent of couples that don’t use protection will get pregnant.

Teen Pregnancy: A Preventable Epidemic

These are staggering statistics. But they aren’t just stats, it happened to me when I was 17. I was a happy teen. I attended church, played sports, did well in school and had lots of friends. I also had horrible self-esteem and didn’t think that I was good enough. I thought I was fat and didn’t deserve to be happy. I was very muscular from playing sports yet I was filled with self-loathing.

I also didn’t have a father growing up. To fill that void, I fell fast in love with a guy from my high school. I loved him, so a few months before my 18th birthday I gave him my virginity. I realize now, that no matter how much I loved him, that I wasn’t ready and really didn’t know what sex, love, or intimacy truly was. He signed up for the military and I was left to my own devices.

I no longer had the “love” that I was hiding behind, so I started to date, for lack of a better term, losers. They gave me attention and “love”. I gave them love too (sex), but I really thought they loved me back. They were sleeping with other girls and one even gave me something. Luckily it was curable. I thought that having sex with them would show them that I loved them. But that’s not true.

Love is earned and God-given. It is beautiful and special, as is sex. Sex is meant to procreate, with your spouse, repopulating the world. This world has twisted it and made it dirty and shameful, and “cool”. If you’re not having sex and you’re not dressing revealingly, then you’re not cool. That’s what the television, radio, and internet all say. They say it in advertisements for burgers and beer and women’s underwear. So literally our little girls are becoming pieces of meat for display. As are our little boys. I don’t know of any little boy that said I want to be an underwear model when I grow up.

But I digress. I ended up pregnant by someone that didn’t love me, didn’t care and wasn’t going to be there for me. I was a teen, pregnant, scared and alone. I ended up having an abortion, and while forgiven, I have had to live with that everyday of my life. Knowing that I could have made a difference in a child’s life, but instead I ended it. There are so many choices. You don’t have to end up like me.

  1. Be Abstinent. Save sex for when you are ready and can deal with the ramifications. It will and does matter.
  2. Use protection/get on birth control. I know it is “embarrassing” but if you can’t refrain then you must protect yourself from disease and unwanted pregnancy.
  3. Seek Counseling: There are many counselors that will help you. If you feel like you want to have sex, but know you’re not ready, talk to someone.

Don’t be a statistic like I was. Be the one that isn’t. You are worth it, you are beautiful, you are loved, your life does mean something. It doesn’t matter what size you are, what car you drive, who you date, in the end all of that will be gone in the blink of an eye. The only thing that truly matters is Love. Sex does not equal love. Protect yourself and the lives of others that aren’t born yet. That is love.

 Guest Blogger: Stephanie has many years of experience as a nanny. She has always loved children and has continuously been involved in childcare activities. Currently she is one of the writers for houstonnanny.com. If you want to get in touch with her, you can email her at stephanie. Houstonnanny@gmail. com.


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