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Women’s Support Group

Women’s GEM Group – Growing • Every • Moment

This group is designed for women of all ages who are interested in pursuing personal growth in a variety of areas. 

We were each born with a life’s purpose. And, sometimes situations interfere with our ability to stay in touch with that purpose. However, all of us can find abundance and success in different areas of our lives.

  • Achieve greater self-awareness
  • Cultivating self-confidence and inner strength
  • Gaining more peace and a more connected home life
  • Gaining more peace & a more connected home life
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Strengthening ability to be present in the moment
  • Learning healthy, productive decision-making skills
  • Increasing ability to cope, resilience and capacity for vibrant living
  • Strengthen ability to create balance
  • Strengthening ability to create balance

Growing • Every • Moment
For women of all ages

The GEM Women’s group is designed to help you gain a deeper connection to yourself by increasing self-awareness, revitalizing creativity, and exploring several models of mindfulness (self-awareness) to help you develop a personal state of peace in the midst of chaos. Most of all, this group will help you become grounded and more open to your intuitive wisdom and authentic power—cultivating inner strength and allowing meaningful life experience.

GEM Women’s group therapy offers you the ability to try out new ways of relating to others in a safe environment. Group therapy is often cathartic and offers participants the knowledge that they are not alone in their experience of life. You will be encouraged to take risks and engage fully in the group; however, it will be a safe and comfortable environment for people to disengage as needed.

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  • Focused Discussion
  • Purposeful Breathing
  • Guided Visualization
  • Expression Through Art
  • Journaling/Reflection


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